Neurovascular Disease Can Change Your Life In A Heartbeat

Our arteries are like the roots of a tree. They supply and nourish our brain and spine with rich nutrients and oxygen-rich blood transported directly from the heart. Any type of obstruction in the arteries, however, can lead to serious, even deadly, neurovascular disease.

Neurovascular disease is characterized by a dangerous abnormality found within a blood vessel of the brain or spine. Narrowing or weakening of the arteries, for example, are occurrences that prompt ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, two of the most common neurovascular conditions to affect the population. In fact, you may personally know or know of someone who has suffered a stroke.

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Aside from strokes, other conditions, such as arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), can alter the course of your life in an instant. If ever faced with neurovascular illness, discover what our IGEA neurosurgeons can do to reroute your life back to normalcy. 

Neurological diseases are the disorders of the brain, spine and the nerves that connect them and supplies oxygenated blood. The neurovascular systems is highly dependent on the continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients which is been supplied by the arteries and veins. The supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain is essential for its working, therefore a defect in the system can impair the function and it may quickly become a life threatening factor. The neurovascular condition, diseases or disorders includes, ischemic stroke, hemorrhage stroke, brain aneurysm, vascular malformation, brain tumors and others. The lifestyle habits, genetic disorders, related chronic diseases may cause development of the neurovascular diseases. During recent years, the prevalence of neurological disorders have increased significantly.

The healthcare industry has been witnessing rapid transformations during the previous years. Various technological advancements have been witnessed in the industry such as, use of stem cell therapy, smart brain prosthetics as well as transcranial MRI-guided focused ultrasound. Countries across the globe have been preferring advanced technologies in healthcare. With a need for better healthcare facilities, Technology-Enabled Care (TEC) solutions are being preferred to in the healthcare systems in the emerging economies. The increase in ageing population, incidences of chronic illnesses and pediatric care are the primary factors driving the growth of healthcare sector. Various established players in the industry have been investing significant amount of their revenue in research and development activities for the development of better and advanced products and technologies to be used in the healthcare industry. Also, the availability of reimbursement for various medical procedures are expected to fuel the growth of the industry in the coming years.

There has been a significant increase in the healthcare expenditure during the previous years. As per World Bank, Healthcare expenditure accounts for 9.94% of global GDP. In the United States, 17.1% of its GDP is committed to the industry, whereas in Latin America, HC expenditures account for only 7.24%, with Brazil at 8.3%, and Mexico at 6.3%. Whereas the healthcare expenditure per capita was 11.3%, 9.1%, 5.6%, and 4.7% in Germany, UK, China, and India, respectively during the year 2017. The above stated factors are expected to offer broad growth opportunities in the healthcare industry at the global level.

Top Industries Of Neurovascular Devices:

Medtronic, Stryker Corporation, Johnson & Johnson Services, Acandis, MicroPort Scientific Corporation, Terumo Corporation, Penumbra, phenox, Integer Holdings Corporation, Memry Corporation

Organic and inorganic growth strategies were observed in global neurovascular devices industry. The organic strategies were conducted more compared to the inorganic strategies for the neurovascular devices. For instance, in July, 2019, Penumbra Inc. has launched its JET 7 Reperfusion Catheter which has been incorporated with the XTRA FLEX Technology. The product is considered to be useful for physicians to extract thrombus in acute ischemic stroke patients. Thus, the organic strategy has enabled the company to grow its business in the market.

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