How could Facebook’s brain-computer interface become a mass market product?

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a technology that agree to communicate between a human-brain with an external technology. The term can be referred to an interface that takes signals from the brain to an external piece of hardware that sends signals to the brain. There are different brain-computer interface technologies developed, through different methods and for diversified purposes, including in virtual reality technology. 

When you are scrolling on Facebook and suddenly see something that catches your attention (on an add, a picture,…), your brain has a special response to it. It has a peak of activity in a certain region (you can search for topics like oddball paradigm and p300, of you are interested). It wouldn’t be easy to use it today, but with time they could use that and maybe an eye tracker to find out what catches your attention the most, and explore your wishes. Even if you don’t click on adds or don’t read them, they will know you want them because a brain is hard to trick

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Growing interest on controlling devices from human brain signal is the key factor contributes growth of global brain computer interface (BCI) marketBrain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a unidirectional communication system, which allow control of devices through brain signal. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) acts as a communication channel between human brain and the computer system. Brain-computer interface (BCI) is used to transform the human brain intentions into a control signal, utilized in various applications, including healthcare, entertainment and robotics. For example, communication system with global brain computer interface (BCI) technology, allows disabled people to interact with the external environments and communicate with other people without the need for muscular or peripheral neural activity.

Some of the key players influencing the market are:- Integra LifeSciences Corporation., Mindmaze, CASMED, EMOTIV, Compumedics Limited, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc., Natus Medical Incorporated., OpenBCI, Cadwell Industries, Inc., and Cortech Solutions, Inc.

Increasing focus on integrating brain computer interface (BCI) technology into various healthcare application, continuous focus on developing communication technology for disabled and geriatric population, and growing interest on integrating brain computer interface (BCI) technology with various military applications, are the key factors drives the growth of global brain computer interface (BCI) market.

Rising focus on utilizing brain computer interface to control internet of things (IoT) devices, smart home applications and various virtual reality applications, accelerates the growth of the growth of global brain computer interface (BCI) market.

Additionally, continues technological advancement in bio-sensing, nanotechnology, bio-signal processing and neuro-imaging techniques, and increasing R&D investments for integrating brain computer interface (BCI) technology with real-life applications, are the factors expected to fuel the growth of global brain computer interface (BCI) market.

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